oğuş Metal founded as a collective company in 1998 to serve the Turkish Casting Industry, has continued to serve the Turkish casting industry with the title of Doğuş Casting Materials Chemistry Agency Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. since 2001, totally for 18 years. Our company serves the Turkish casting industry with its before as well as after sale technological services by co-operating with the leading companies of the sector which are known world - wide and have international reputation. The company has always been open to new ideas, new products, new solutions and new co-operations. We will carry on and improve this developing and co-operative process even further. Our company imports and sells from stock all the equipment and machines that are necessary for The company, while minimizing casting wastage, maximizes casting quality in foundries by the technical know - how for our customers about aluminum injection casting, aluminum gravity casting, aluminum sand casting, all the consumption materials for aluminum hot forging, master alloys, machines and their equipment copper alloys - brass gravity casting, sand casting, all the consumption materials for hot forging at fling forging, sic foam filters for nodular cast iron & gray cast iron and consumption materials, zirconium based foam filters for steel casting, release agents for steel forging and lubrication equipment. Our goal is simple and one: to meet our customers' requests at premium level. Today, foundry men need low cost quality products in order to be competitive against the ever. - increasing energy and labor costs. We aim to meet these demands by supplying suitable products and services through working together with our customers, development and application. The company always keeps an eye on the latest technological developments that take place in Europe and the World and transfers them into the customers at once by its specialist and ever - expanding staff. The Doğuş Family is proud to serve to you, our extinguished customers.

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